We are silver sponsors in Dubai GCC Blockchain Conference

Come See us at The GCC Blockchain Conference, Dubai to know more about our revolution of a venture.

DUBAI is an ideal destination for the exposure our platform needs as it's understands the potential of Blockchain and distributed ledger technology.

This conference shall be a unique opportunity to go beyond the buzz and experience the International Market and the effects of implementing Blockchain technology in Cab Industry as a whole. The Boost to brand value through this platform shall be immense, as it is taking place on such a great scale. Our CFO Mr. Nitesh Chopra is going to speak about AGT platform as an delegate before 150-200 audience from across the globe, including officials from Dubai Govt. and senior experts from Blockchain Industry.

The conference would a great deal for us as it would come to knowledge of influential Persons of the Industry.

AGT Token, will have the privilege to exhibit ts product to the international market through Dubai Platform.

PRe-ICO sale of tokens will be launch from Dubai platform, and we urge all the blockchainers and cryptocurrency enthusiast to take part in our Pre ICO sales launching date in Dubai.

Dubai conference Website: Click Here