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AGT token are passport to the AGT network
All value flows on the chain consume AGT token.Such as: issued assets, DApp development costs, transfer transaction costs, call access fuel costsAnd so on, the powerful technology based on AGT vertical multiple fields, and at the end of the birth of rich application scenarios and business models
Where,AGT coin is the original value coin issued based on BSC chain.

Store and read project personal files
Trust database
Development and design based on AGT network
Building an information sharing platform
Application service



Introduction to AGT tokens
AGT flow distribution
AGT circulation system
AGT 511400000 will never increase.

3% commission on purchases and sales.
AGT tokens are the passport to the AGT ecosystem network.

All value streams on the chain use AGT tokens.

For example, issuing assets, DApp development cost, transfer transaction cost consumption, call access fuel cost, etc. Powerful technologies based on AGT are vertical in many areas. Finally, rich application scenarios and business models
Among them, AGT currency is a local currency issued based on BSC chain.
Dapp platform

Cyclic ecological development
Foundation for stable development
Platform ecological application 10% project team carries 10% Wikifund
Distributed nodes reward 30% market traffic and 50%AGT Ecology adopts gas cost buyback mechanismKeep the market healthy and stable
And keep adding value
The existing AGT is weighted.
All gas costs generated will be used to buy back AGTs, which will become increasingly rare as they are traded in the market.
The buyback mechanism will continue until the AGT number is maintained at around 350 million

All transactions are then weighted and returned to the holder for a 0.01% commission. The number of AGT coins held will determine the number of AGT coins returned.

AGT blockchain standards are listed in the following order:
Blockchain + development source + information source + business source + sharing source + privacy source + underlying multi-chain framework system data asset value transfer network + blockchain behaviorThe resulting seal and AGT behavioral interactive certification cover finance, intelligent AI, utilities, social applications, digital assets, software development and other industries, providing a reliable and secure operation platform.
AGT uses cross-chain security privacy protocol to identify the source of each action, uses authentication storage, trusted transaction data, behavior data, data exchange transmission to meet privacy desensitization, and whether to store behavior as required, and verifies value transfer, trades and flows through multi-volume interactive source identification.

DappThe construction of
NTFTo build development
Circular circulation stabilizes the market
Business personal application
Security market
API market
Entertainment software application
File storage setup
AGT ecosphere construction Plan
The first world famous exchange Coinbase   OKex   Binance   huob。
AGT chain landing test online exchange establishment ecological construction incubation platform establishment DAPP ecosystem establishment.
Stay tuned!
Our vision is to promote blockchain
AGT online transaction announced contract address open the first private dAPP online pledge to return AGTgas earnings.