"Our aim is to create employment, & simultaneously bring down cost in travel."

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AGT is a blockchain based platform to eliminate traditional cab aggregator mechanism. A cheaper alternative to cab aggregation; only safer and secure.

With the state of art technology based on blockchain, our AGT platform shall be open to Passengers/ Persons who wants to hire a Taxi, Drivers & Government Security Agencies with features like live tracking. This feature makes our platform the safest and cheapest network possible.

AGT aspire to create an ecosystem that broadens the scope of blockchain application by overcoming the commercial boundaries and including philanthropic activity. Our platform features provides an excellent replacement to the extremely over priced traditional cab aggregators services.

The cab fare on our platform will be substantially decreased by at least 30% - 40% as the driver shall not have to pay any commission to the aggregator nor other compliance fees due to the fact that our platform eliminate the middlemen.

Our whole system platform is meticulously designed and it is backed by software developers, ethical hackers, expert lawyers and law houses across the globe.

The functioning of the platform shall be based on membership


Why We decide to launch AGT Coin ?

  • To make the cab booking more cheaper and secure.
  • To create a better ecosystem for Cab-drivers.
  • To bring down the crime rate drastically.
  • To provide information to the Governmental Security Agencies.
  • To provide the ease of booking taxi from anywhere anytime.
  • To make the social score of cab driver available to the passengers.

Why you should purchase this coin ?

  • We only have 54Million tokens, basically supply of AGT Token is very limited.
  • On an average around 1.2 billion people across globe use cab services to travel for work or leisure, even if merely 10% of these people choose to buy the token, the demand would approximately be for a 100 million tokens.
  • Well, in this case the demand is going to exceed the supply by leaps and bounds…. And hence the value of the token will keep increasing.
  • The Token is supported by eminent ethical hacker group, and hence the token is secure against the hacking.
  • We are ready to take on the Traditional Cab Industry, and estimating the scale of our tokens you can make out how big of a venture we are!This coin will help you out to get cheap travel experience across the globe.
  • This token will help drivers to use our platform and save lot’s of money from giving it to cab aggregators.
  • By using this token cab drivers will get new clients from across the globe.
  • By using this coin when you’ll travel across the globe, you will have the access to the platform which will give you security.

Legal Preview of this ICO

  • This ICO is based on the traditional business model, and through this token all the users are pre-booking their membership on their blockchain based.
  • This platform is being floated by software company registered in e-country, Estonia.
  • Our whole business model and whitepaper of the ICO are vetted by expert Law houses and Attorneys.
  • Our Smart Contract Developer are very well established developers, we also have a group of ethical hackers who keep in check the vulnerability of the code.




We are expecting our coin to be listed on following Exchange platforms